Nyseius - Militiae CD

French occultism Black Metal
Brimming with a hideous energy born from a true understanding of the occult, cult French black metal band Nyseius make their full-length debut with Militiae. Frightening in focus, pure and total energy harnessed through metaphysical magick, the strict and stoic Militiae wholly evokes its title, deftly balancing ancient Scandinavian classicism with a thoroughly avant-garde approach. Dissonant and twisted yet free-flowing in its iciness, Nyseius create black metal that spans generations, both timeless and modern, traditional yet forward-thinking.

1. Ibi Deficit Orbis 02:02
2. Militiae 08:16
3. Les Symboles De La Catharsis 06:05
4. Lueur d'une Lune Morte 08:39
5. Endless March 08:38
6. Sibro Ticifet Ibi 02:02
Spielzeit 35:44


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Nyseius - Militiae CD